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Vehicle Cleaning Products by Shield Solutions

Shield Solutions, LLC is not just another industrial chemical manufacturer who re-labels product for sales in various markets. We developed our initial products for the public safety industry. Our products were designed first and foremost for these unique needs and then in many cases brought to other related industries, such as towing, trucking, laundry, etc.

Each product is carefully developed and tested for its intended purpose. For example, once we became aware of Environmental Stress Cracking in Light Lenses, we developed vehicle cleaning products which is safe on light lenses. This process involves finding leading chemists with specific expertise and a determination of product attributes. The product is then tested on various relevant surfaces in order to insure a safe and effective solution. Then in some cases there is third party testing and/or verification. For example, materials were exposed to our Gear Clean and then returned to the manufacturer for evaluation. The results of the evaluation confirmed that our product caused no more degradation than pure water.

We also go to the next level and make it a goal that each and every product be as safe as possible, safe for the user and safe for the environment. The majority of our products are pH neutral and contain no hazardous ingredients.